Greece is again under lockdown situation so it can be opened fully for the summer season.

7 Day quarantine on arrival at your hotel/airbnb/yacht is mandatory and the fine for violation is 5000 EUR.

The restaurants and coffee shops are takeaway only. Hotels / Airbnb are open but some hotels choose to remain closed.

In Athens shops are again closed with delivery by courier only.

Travel between prefectures is possible only with travel permit for professional, health reasons or returning to tax residence.

Ferry travel requires permit/documents.

Air travel may require permit/documents especially on arrival at destination.

Police roadblocks are checking documents particularly at main road tolls. Public KTEL buses are generally not checked.

I am making yacht surveys normally including travel throughout Greece but I am not travelling internationally.

It is permitted only to move yachts to shipyards or to make sea trial. Both require permission of the local port police and crew list. Some port police may not permit foreign visitors who are not owner/crew on board during movement.

In case a yacht has owner living abroad it is not likely that sea trial will be made. Simple engine start ashore could be made.

In case the yacht is in a shipyard it may require many yachts to be moved before sea trial could take place and this will add cost.

In case the yacht is afloat all year without much use it may require cleaning by diver before sea trial or lift. If the yacht is pressure washed ashore and the antifouling is soft it will be removed by the pressure wash. If sea trial is made with excessive fouling of marine growth the propeller may give poor performance or vibration, the engine may have overheating issue if the raw water intake is partly blocked. This makes it difficult to assess the good working condition of the yacht.

During survey everybody should wear mask. Inside the yacht should be only minimum persons.

During lockdown buyers are usually not coming and assess the yacht with Video viewing with the broker. My survey includes also video and about 300 photographs.

Despite that buyers are not coming there are many buyers and the good yachts and cheap yachts are selling fast.