Crane scheduling – If the yacht is ashore prior to the survey then 1 hour is needed for the surveyor to make the required ashore items inspection before the launch. If the yacht is afloat and sea trial will be made before the hauling then the crane is best scheduled for around 12:00. More info.

Anodes – Often during the lift it is found that some of the anodes require replacement or are loose therefore it is good to have anodes and loctite on board ready.

Antifouling – If the antifouling is to be renewed it is done during the week before launch. If the antifouling is not to be renewed then best not to make pressure wash during the lift because soft ablative antifouling will be washed off.

Payment – The surveyor is to be paid according to the terms of the quotation. The payment can be bank transfer, credit card or via FX company such as

Negotiation of Defects – The defects can be negotiated with sellers according to the sale contract. Cosmetics, normal wear & tear are normally excluded from negotiation. Some contracts exclude also safety equipment from negotiation. The common MYBA contract has only operational or seaworthiness defects as negotiable.