Process of Coding via RYA Certifying Authority

The MCA Code MGN280

The code includes all the categories and their requirements in one document which makes it look daunting but much will be found not relevant as referring to other categories.

General Requirements for Category 2 Sailboat
A work in progress

Liferaft SOLAS B Pack Requirements
Liferaft is required to have inside Solas B pack or use grab bag with additional items to bring up to Solas B pack. ORC liferafts are accepted as existing but are expected to be phased out. If buying new purchase an ISO 9650 Type-1 Group-A liferaft. Note that the Group B is inferior liferaft. ORC and Valise require annual service. Valise cannot be stowed on open deck. Container type if permitted by manufacturer could have 3 year servicing schedule thereby reducing annual cost compared to the other types.

Requirements for Cat C Medical Stores (Not for MCA Category 0 or 1)

RYA Forms for Coding

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