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For quotation requests please send email.I am also available on the mobile +30 6941 602 677 for discussions.

Details in Order to Quote

I need some of the following details. The more details you provide the more accurate the quotation. Location of boat is very important.

Type of Boat : Motor, Sail
Hull : Monohull, Catamaran
Hull Material : GRP, Steel, Aluminium, Wood
Builder :
Model :
Year of Built :
Location of Boat :
Type of survey wanted : Pre-purchase / Insurance / Other
Possible Date for Survey :
Customer Type : Private, Company


The quotation will be lump sum and jobs are performed to the price of quotation. The quotation includes details of past jobs and sample reports.

Pre-purchase Survey

In order to consider the boat fully for pre-purchase it is recommended for the boat to be surveyed ashore and afloat including a short sea trial. However ashore only surveys are often performed.

If Sea Trial is omitted the engine running condition cannot be assessed. If the haul out survey is omitted it will not be possible to check the structure fully or the stern gear and other underwater items.

A pre-purchase survey is also suitable for obtaining insurance.

If the boat is available for all the surveys it can be done in one day for small yachts and two days for large yachts. But even for small yachts sometimes the launch/haul or sea trial is scheduled for a second day.

Insurance Survey

Insurance survey is usually performed ashore. In-water only is often accepted by insurers for large yachts but please check with your insurer. Insurance survey is not suitable or available for pre-purchase purposes as no liability for pre-purchase use is undertaken by surveyor.

Services Before Pre-Purchase Survey

Before pre-purchase survey there is available (1) Accompanied Viewing where I visit the yacht or several yachts with you and provide verbal advice and a report is not issued.

Also is available (2) Preliminary Survey which is a partial pre-purchase survey as-is (ashore or afloat) with no sea trial and includes a brief report which is generally photos of specific defects and a summary text. After preliminary survey the boat can be rejected or a sale contract signed and the remainder of the surveys then made to make a full pre-purchase survey. This is more common for large yachts.

Split Type Pre-purchase Survey

The cautious option. A one day survey is made as-is. So (1) out of water survey, or (2) in-water survey. A report is issued. The buyer considers the report and decides whether to proceed further and go to the expense of paying for hauling/launching and the remainder of the surveys including (3) sea trial, in order to complete a full pre-purchase survey.

The split type survey can also be used if the yacht is to be delivered to the buyer after the charter season.


I require payment prior to releasing report. Payment is via bank transfer or cash.


The report is sent to you as a PDF file via email. Please view the report with latest Adobe Reader. Hard copy double sided colour laser print sent by post is also available at additional cost. A preliminary defects list is usually available immediately after the survey if required.

Terms and Conditions

When accepting the quotation in writing and authorising the survey it is necessary for the client to agree in writing with the terms and conditions according to the requirements of my professional indemnity insurers.


Brochure is available here.