Insurance surveys are performed for the purpose of obtaining or maintaining insurance with various international insurers. The survey is a full condition survey but excludes cosmetics. The survey would be completed in one day.


Small Yacht Insurance Surveys

Generally these are performed out of the water. If the boat is in the water a “survey lift” could be arranged where the boat is lifted for 30mins, inspected while suspended and then launched. Then the survey would continue in the water.

Large Yacht Insurance Surveys

An in-water survey is usually accepted by insurers due to cost of hauling however it is best to check with insurers for their requirements. An out of water survey gives the most comprehensive information.

Sea Trial

Sea Trial is not required.

Steel Yacht Insurance Surveys

Steel yacht insurance surveys require ultrasonic thickness measurements so the boat must be out of the water. The measurements add significant cost to the survey.

Recommendations and Suggestions

Insurance related deficiencies are listed at the end of the report as “Recommendations”.
Advisories to the owner which are not insurance related are listed as “Suggestions”.

This is a clear split to ensure that insurers only take note of the Recommendations which are structural, operational, safety related items which should concern them.

Will anyone revisit to check the Recommendations have been completed?

Some insurers require a revisit but most do not require a revisit unless significant repairs were required. However if an item was not completed and there was a claim which was found to be related to or caused by that item then insurers might avoid to pay out.

How to show insurers that items have been completed?

It would be recommended to send them copies of invoices (showing required items have been purchased). If items were to be repaired, replaced or installed then a photograph of each item would be suitable to send.

Are the reports accepted by all insurers?

The inspections and reports are high quality and have been accepted each time by major international insurers.

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