Via the RYA Certifying Authority MCA Coding Services are offered for yachts of load line length 24m or less.

Is Part I Registry required for yachts to be MCA Coded?

Part I Registry or SSR Registry is accepted.

What is the regulation for MCA Coding under RYA Certifying Authority?

The Regulation is MGN280 link

What is the benefit for yachts built to CE standards?

CE yachts have some of the requirements already complete and are easier to assess.

Which Category is recommended for Mediterranean based boats?

Area Category 2 – Up to 60 miles from a safe haven;

Category 2 is easy to obtain. Category 1 (Up to 150 miles) and 0 (Unlimited) are more rare as they require damage stability assessment and possible major modifications in order to comply ie watertight doors. Additionally more safety equipment is required.

More Info : MCA Coding Resource

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