Valuations of all types and sizes of yachts are offered in the following formats :

Valuation based on Condition Survey Findings

A full condition survey would be made typically in-water or out of water and a valuation produced at the end of the condition survey. This type of valuation is the most convincing as the condition of the asset is also recorded.

Valuation based on Papers

A valuation would be produced based on specification, photos or other documents concerning the yacht. The valuation would assume the yacht is in good condition.

Reasons for Valuations

Valuations are produced for the following reasons :

Court Purposes

Based on Market Research

The valuation will include market research into models of similar type, size and age currently offered for sale on the international markets produced in table format.

Accepted by Major Companies

My valuations have been accepted by major insurers, banks and lawyers. Yachts up to 50m have been valued.

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