Survey when Yacht Charter/Partnership Programme Ends

When a yacht charter/partnership programme ends and the yacht is to be handed back to the now full owners we can make a condition survey to find all the discoverable defects so that they can be repaired by the managers as part of the handover.

The schedule of the survey would typically be a full condition survey so in-water, sea trial and haul out surveys to get a full picture of the condition of the yacht including all the necessary functional testing.

Surveys for Periodic Monitoring of Condition

This service is also popular as a periodic monitoring of the yacht’s condition while under charter. In that case we would make a full condition survey and then annual condition monitoring surveys.

Survey when Charter Managers Change

This service is also used when charter managers change, in order to ensure that all damages and required maintenance under previous management are taken care of prior to handover and to provide documentation to avoid claims to previous managers for new damages.

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